The education your child deserves...and the team of experienced attorneys ready to help you.

I am an alumnus of New York University's Stern School of Business and a cum
laude graduate of New York Law School. My personal experience provides me
with a unique perspective into the practice of special education law. After
my own child was diagnosed with dyslexia and A.D.H.D. and it was determined that alternative education was called for, legal action was initiated to seek tuition reimbursement for the appropriate school.  I was fortunate to
have had the resources to fight and win.  As a result of my own struggle
within the system, I made the decision to leave behind a successful career
in business management, sales, and marketing and pursue a law degree. After
passing the bar exam, I chose to focus my efforts on behalf of parents whose
children need special education services beyond what the public school system can supply.
Prior to establishing my own practice, I worked initially as a paralegal
before ultimately working my way up to lead attorney for the largest special
education law firm in Manhattan. In the back room, I learned the
ins-and-outs of this highly administrative and procedural process. Over the
years I was able to establish effective working relationships with the
representatives of the many Committees on Special Education throughout the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, Westchester and beyond. I was also able to develop strong bonds with the various bureaucratic departments in the Department of Education responsible for keeping this complicated process moving. Representing hundreds of children with special needs has allowed me to develop affiliations with the numerous specialized schools, tutoring organizations, neuropsychologists, educational evaluators, and related service providers who can help our children reach their full
I take a fully hands-on approach with each individual case because I¹ve been
in my clients¹ shoes. In my view, there is no greater thrill than providing
both legal expertise and emotional support to families fighting to get the
services they so desperately need and then watching their children thrive in
the proper environment.


As an accomplished attorney and graduate of CUNY School of Law, I will devote my complete attention to assisting you with every aspect of your case. My goal is to help make this process as easy as possible for you and I will be sure to guide you through each step of the way with as much assistance as you need.  I understand how difficult and involved seeking reimbursement through the Department of Education is and our firm's deep knowledge of the process will give you the reassurance you need along the way. 

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